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Mailbag With Paul Pearl

The Shrinks are joined by Cushing Academy Coach, Paul Pearl, for a mailbag episode!

BY and Motts recap their weekend where Motts played in a few Bruins alumni games and BY shaved his head in support of Conor Crushes Cancer. They also share their thoughts on the Zegras/Beagle/Terry situation–Motts drives home the importance of holding yourself accountable on the ice.

Paul Pearl joins to help answer some mailbag questions, both from youth hockey players and some specifically about the Prep School track. He gives loads of information on the different steps to take to play prep school hockey, highlighting that the “first step is to be a good student.”

As a former college coach for 19 seasons at Holy Cross, Paul Pearl speaks on the relationship between prep school and college hockey, and confirms that “prep school is a preview of college.” This means that the role of a prep school coach is slightly different than a college coach, because his players are experiencing living away from home for the first time at a young age. He also mentions how he, as a prep school coach, can help players develop and get them ready for the college level.

Paul and The Shrinks then address a variety of questions including:

  • How to get on the radar of New England prep schools from a non-traditional hockey area

  • How a team can function with a roster full of forwards

  • The difference between prep and catholic schools, and parents involved in prep school hockey vs college.

To close out the mailbag, The Shrinks answer the My Hockey Rankings question of the week:

“How many summer showcases are too many? My 2013 is lucky to be invited, but is it a money grab?”

This episode is entertaining and chalk-full of great information for young hockey players looking to their own future hockey careers.

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1 Comment

NoCo Dad
NoCo Dad
Apr 13, 2022

Great episode. Also gotta thank you for the mailbag content. New hockey dad here, and it’s like finding the cheat codes to Hockey Parenting 101. The advice from you two (and your guests) is invaluable, but even better are the questions from all corners of the hockeysphere. Every Q is either a “yeah, i wanted to ask that” moment, or it’s a “geez, I never even thought about that angle” situation. And I’m the winner either way.

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