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This week The Shrinks are joined by University of Maine alum, former third round pick in the 2004 NHL entry level draft, and now country star, Rob Bellamy.

Before Rob joins the show, BY and Motts recap their weekend that started at Rob’s concert fundraising for the Cancer Can’t organization and ended in New York with the Spittin Chiclets live stream.

Learning of the new changes to the My Hockey Rankings site, The Shrinks also share the question of the week from a local dad:

“My son is 5 and is doing a learn to skate/play program, the guy running the program is saying he should be skating an hour a week throughout the year. My son loves being on the ice and always looks forward to practice, is that too much? Or not enough for a 5 year old learning to skate and play?”

When Rob joins, BY and Motts take it back to his hockey days. Rob shares how if it wasn't for his dad's new job, he probably would've played football. As his family relocated to Western Mass, Rob joined a travel team before repeating his junior year at Berkshire “for extra development and education guidance.” Going back to juniors soon after, he shares what the biggest difference was between prep school and juniors.

Mentioning coaches that had an impact on him, he gave majority of the credit to his dad, “he was mentoring me to work hard. I would have never gotten to the point of my career if I didn't work hard.” Rob also shares one of his biggest hits of his career at The Twin Rinks on Jordan Virtue and how small rinks elevated his play, “my game is solely built on running people over, it opened up space for me.”

Rob talks about his transition into the pro hockey world and joining the Flyers organization. “Pro is a different lifestyle, hockey turns into a business really quick.” He mentions the struggles he faced and what resulted in him going overseas to rejuvenate his career in terms of love for the game.

Deciding to pursue music, Rob explains where his love for music came from. “Everything in hockey grew me into music; the hard work, the travel, the long hours.” Making another big transition in his life to Nashville, he knew no one. Rob touches on how hockey has prepared him for his music career, “Hockey players have thick skin and know how to take criticism while transitioning into the real world, that's big.” To close out the interview, Rob explains Torch Pro which helps athletes tell their true story and show their real character.

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