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Mailbag: Old Gear, Preparing for hitting, & Playoff Predictions

The Shrinks open up episode 68 touching on playoff hockey, what it means to be a good teammate, and explaining their Stanley Cup Playoff brackets.

Dipping into the mailbag, we hear from a frustrated dad whose son is getting the short end of the stick from the coach. “Don't think too much of it. These coaches that are coaching 8 year old hockey think it's about winning and losing and not development. If they're playing in tournaments in the spring it should be fun.”

By and Motts explain the genetic capacity associated with making the jump from an “average” player to a “great” player. “Identify strengths and weaknesses and work with what you have to be the best you can.” The Shrinks elaborate on how some of the best players in the NHL got cut from youth teams, but never gave up.

We hear the My Hockey Rankings Question of the week: Are there certain sticks that are better for a defenseman than a forward, length, weight, curve, ect?

To finish up the mailbag, The Shrinks dip into questions about the first year of hitting, keeping old gear around, and why refs are a protected high class.

Closing out this episode, BY and Motts tease the idea of a summer street hockey tournament. If interested, please fill out our interest form on!

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1 Comment

NoCo Dad
NoCo Dad
May 22, 2022

Great show overall. But ya blew it on the referee question. Dude asked, why aren’t refs accountable? Answer is, flip the question: why didn’t you hold him accountable, in a professional, grown-up way? Document and report, not scream like a nutcase from the stands.

Maybe I just got lucky falling into an awesome program out here in Colorado, but our ref directors show up at games and provide feedback, so if parents have a legit problem, that ref will get a phone call.

“If they were any good, they’d be playing or coaching instead of reffing.” Sorry, that was a bullshit comment, and now when your parents go off on a ref, you own it. Ninety percent of the…

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