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Two Time Stanley Cup Champion: Scott Gomez

This week BY and Motts are joined by 2x Stanley Cup champion, Scott Gomez.

After being drafted 27th overall in 1998 by the New Jersey Devils, named Rookie of the Year in 2000, and winning 2 Stanley Cups, it is hard to believe that the cost of a new pair of skates is what kept Scotty Gomez from quitting hockey.

Gomez began his story laughing as he remembered how he took his dad’s advice that “Gomez’s don’t quit” to heart but learned later that his dad only said it to make sure his kid didn’t waste the money he’d just spent on a new pair of skates. Scotty discusses growing up in Alaska and how it impacted his NHL playing career, particularly because outdoor rinks were located everywhere which provided him with the resources to put in time to get better. “That’s 100% why I got better than everyone else because I spent the majority [of time] out there; more than anyone, but it was never practice to me, it was fun.”

Players don't want to lose their passion and drive for hockey. “You did see the kid that got burned out, whether it be pressure from his parents, he's not improving.” Scott Gomez emphasizes that parents don't understand that taking a break from hockey and playing other sports will make you more mature. He was thankful that his parents did not pressure him on the ice and believes that this approach cultivated his passion for the game.

A message to hockey parents from Scott Gomez: “The best thing you can do is drop your kid off at the rink, don’t watch the practice. That is their sanctuary. Let them enjoy it. There is so much more to life than a sport.”

The interview also takes some detours down memory lane where Gomez shares some great teenage Motts stories and antics on the USA Juniors team. The laughs and memories shared in this episode proves that hockey provides you with life long friendships and a foundation to handling adversity. If there is one takeaway from listening to Scott Gomez, it is that the two rules of the game are to “work hard and enjoy yourself.”

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