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Sportsnet Analyst, Podcast Host, Toronto Hockey Dad: Jeff Marek

This week The Shrinks are joined by Sportsnet analyst and podcast host, Jeff Marek.

Before Jeff Marek joins The Shrinks, they catch up to talk about the end of the season, holding players accountable for their actions, and share a story about cops being called to a local rink.

Being a Toronto hockey dad, Jeff Marek shares the two rules his family lives by with his kids playing hockey. As well as mentioning how his hidden secret is to work the game camera so that the crazy hockey parents keep their distance, is there actually film in that camera?!?!

Growing up playing hockey, Marek remembers the car rides to and from the rink more than the game itself. Now that he has kids of his own playing hockey he “wants the ride to and there to be a positive environment.”

Marek makes note of Raffi Torres, retired NHL player and now head coach for one of his son’s teams. Despite having the record in the NHL for having the longest suspension in history for hitting another player, he is an outstanding youth hockey coach. Raffi stresses the importance of work ethic which Marek believes is important. “When the advantages you had go away, you need to learn and know how to work.”

Marek walks us down his media journey and how it all started with wrestling. Before every show, he would say, “I need to tell people something they didn't know” and continues that to this day. He touches upon the podcast that he hosts and the ongoing world news involving Ukraine and Russia and how it is affecting foreign hockey players.

Closing the interview, Marek stresses the importance of kids being a multi-sport athlete. Two reasons: “(one) you get stronger and faster when you play a multisport because you're using a lot of different muscles. (two) you let your hockey muscles heal up.”

Tune in to episode 59 now!

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