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Minnesota Wild Rookie: Matt Boldy

Fresh off the set of The NHL Network, Motts joins BY as they recap their Florida trip, Boston Bruins alumni game, and the Beanpot..

Motts and BY are joined by Matt Boldy who was drafted 12th overall in the 2019 draft by the Minnesota wild. Boldy is quickly showing how powerful his game is by holding 14 points in only 13 NHL games played.

Boldy has always had a love for the game. As his dad played football for UMaine, his parents stressed the importance of playing different sports.. “Growing up the only real things I got critiqued on was effort and being a good teammate and a good person.”

Boldy makes note of a memorable coach he had in his youth years, Marty McInnis. His coaching was never being a hard ass but more about how to play hockey the right way. Boldy suggests, “I think when you're 9-10 years old you don't need to be working on your neutral zone forecheck.”

“The biggest thing for me is to have fun with it and relax.” When making mistakes it is huge to realize “it is one shift out of many you get in the game. Brush it off.”

Being true to yourself as a player and keeping it natural will only benefit you. “You obviously have your strengths but the more you're able to add more layers, the more it's going to add to your game.”

Boldy talks about how he had to make big life transitions in his hockey career. Such as attending the National Development Camp, the World Juniors, Boston College, and moving onto his pro career in Iowa and now, presently, with the Minnesota Wild.

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