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Have You Ever Wondered The Story Behind Your Hockey Team's Ranking?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

This week The Rink Shrinks interviewed Neil & Ian Lodin creators and owners of the very popular MYHockey Rankings website.

On episode 52 BY asks the father/son duo about how easily parents, players and coaches can get caught up in the teams rankings, especially at a young age. Neil Lodin couldn’t agree more, “The bigger thing is kids having fun and developing and putting them in the right level of games so that they both learn, get challenged a little bit, and have fun.”

As someone who grew up with a coach who was focused on the ranking, Ian Lodin mentions, “Not every game is the superbowl or the stanley cup. It's not about always winning or the rankings. There’s good things that can come out of a 2-1 win or a 2-1 loss.”

With all the talk of rankings taking away from player development, the Shrinks asked if Neil and Ian have ever thought about hiding rankings from parents. While of course they understand why it might be a good idea, they truly believe their site is an “incredibly valuable tool to make good decisions.”

Be sure to tune in to the full episode to hear all the details of why and how they started one of the most well known websites in youth hockey.

Motts and BY also dip into the mailbag answering listener questions about finding loopholes in the rulebook to decide on a prep school and more.

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