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Hear the Inside Scoop With NHL Agent Jerry Buckley

This week the Shrinks are joined by longtime NHL agent Jerry Buckley.

On episode 53, Jerry touches on the relationship between a player and an agent and how he believes parents have a great influence on their child's development, and what he looks for in players to represent.

“I’ve been doing it for 25 years and there’s a correlation between the parents and how they treat the kid and what comes out on the other end when they start facing adversity.”

Jerry played hockey at Boston College and was drafted by the Boston Bruins, but after a small stint in the minor leagues he decided to hang them up and attend BC Law School with no intentions of working in the hockey world.

Formally advising BY and Motts, Jerry is now working with NHL AllStar Keith Yandle, Zach Sanford of the Ottawa Senators, and Michael Raffl of the Dallas Stars.

“Keith [had] times where he had major decisions to make and it wasn't easy and he had to battle through that stuff. Those are the times that I think the value of a good agent [matters] and that's where you have to show up and help the guys and be there for them.”

BY and Motts hit Jerry with rapid fire Q&A straight from our listeners on Instagram who wanted to know anything from, “what skills/characteristics do you value the most when evaluating a player?” to “what would your advice be to someone who is interested in that side of the business?”

Be sure to tune into this week's episode to hear the inside scoop on what it takes to have a successful hockey career from a world-class agent's perspective.

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