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Dipping into the Mailbag and Responding to your Voicemails

This week The Shrinks dig into your mailbag questions and respond to your voicemails. BY and Motts recap coaching the 6th line camp and the benefits it has on player development, as well as a crazy story of a kid punching the ref in the face.

On episode 58, BY and Motts share their thoughts on a base layer under the equipment, how players should receive feedback, the new rules affecting the play, and their thoughts on trying out for a higher tier team.

As The Shrinks take it down memory lane, they reminisce on their old coaches and who they think would have a great influence on their kids presently.

Dipping into the voicemails, Harry is back giving The Shrinks 6th line camp a shoutout, “it is a great investment for parents.” We also hear a story involving a Karen and BY and Motts' thoughts on players chirping.

Tune in to episode 58 now!

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