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Answering Your Mailbag Questions and Voicemails From Florida

This week The Shrinks dig into your mailbag questions and respond to your voicemails from a hotel room in St. Petersburg, Florida #ParadiseCup

On episode 56, BY and Motts share their input on the importance of hockey IQ after reading a tweet from a former Rink Shrinks guest and strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Wild, Sean Skahan; “don't disregard the slower with higher IQ kids, they can get faster. Not sure if the faster kids with zero IQ will learn.”

Dipping into the mailbag, BY and Motts answer your questions about working as a team vs individually, what to do with uncoachable kids, when to have a true 3rd line and an unbelievable hypothetical about parents offering a weekend getaway at their beach house for their son to be a starter in hopes of helping boost their son’s confidence.

Motts truly believes learning how to be coached will reflect the person you are off the ice, “it makes you a better person to be able to take criticism.”

Listening to the voicemails, BY and Motts give their advice on if it is appropriate to bench players, how to set a goaltender mindset, and if more practices than games is better for overall player development.

Tune in to episode 56 now!

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